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Creative Real Estate Podcast

Mar 19, 2018

This week, Mark Kenny from Think Multifamilyh joins us to cover a horror story of his when he bought an LLC.

Mark is a seasoned real estate investor, educator, published author and founder of Think Multifamily. Mark started his Apartment Investing career over 20 years ago. He has a passion to help others succeed in the multifamily arena and go BIG, fast! Mark is invested in 2600 units and has a top-notch reputation among the multifamily investment community for providing exceptional value to investors and the community while being easy to work with.

Mark is a 1993 graduate at Michigan State University in Accounting and is a CPA. He has provided IT consulting for 20 years and is leveraging his vast IT experience to bring new creative technologies that will help others in the multifamily space. He has worked for organizations such as KPMG Consulting, EDS, SAP, HP, and founded Simplifying-IT which provides IT services to fortune 500 companies.

Topics discussed:

  1. Mark's backgroun and introduction 1:08
  2. Getting into multifamily/Choosing a market/Syndication 5:27
  3. Horror Story/Bad Partnership/Purchasing an LLC 12:09

Mark's company does 3 large events every year. The next one coming up is May 19th & 20th. To sign up go to

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