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Creative Real Estate Podcast

Dec 16, 2020

Episode Summary

Tune into this episode of our podcast to learn more about the success with short term rentals in today’s COVID reality. Our guest, Noble Crawford, is the Principal and Co-founder of a short-term rental and corporate accommodations company. He talks about how short term rentals are currently working, it’s future after Covid and what to look out for moving forward. 

Episode Notes: 

  • How are Short Term Rentals working during Covid?
  • How can we partner with multi-families?
  • What are the local laws to look out for in short term rentals?
  • Projections to look out for with short term rentals
  • How well Noble’s Short term rentals business survived during Covid?
  • How important is location with Short term rentals and ensuring it photographs well.
  • What should we be worried about now specifically in short tern rentals?
  • Importance of knowing your customer avatar – the type of customer you want to cater to. 

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