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Creative Real Estate Podcast

Apr 27, 2018

This week, Sarah May joins us in the studio in Denver to share her story.

SARAH'S BIO: While working full-time as an aerospace engineer, Sarah began investing in real estate in her free time after reading the "little purple book" Rich Dad Poor Dad and discovering the concept of passive income. After making the decision to invest, Sarah started buyiung and managing rental properties and doing "fix and hold" projects. She decided she wanted to turn her real estate "side gig" into a business and started syndicating large multifamily properties with investors who wanted the benefits of real estate ownership, without the hassle. Sarah now owns over 800 doors as a limited partner and has personally sponsored 100 apartment units in Denver, Colorado. Sarah now works exclusively in real estate, and spendes her free time with her husband and 3 year old son. She enjoys the Colorado outdoors, traveling, biking, and playing tennis.

Topics discussed:

  1. you don't need to start with single family
  2. duedilligence
  3. property tours
  4. "call for offers"
  5. cashflow and gain/appreciation
  6. stabalized assets
  7. cash on cash return
  8. cap rate
  9. IRR
  10. books to read
  11. how to help investors who want the benefits of real estate ownership without the hassle of real estate management
  12. syndication
  13. Brad Sumrok
  14. Denver Apartment Network

Links mentioned in this episode:

Here is the EventBrite link so you can get your tickets to Brad Sumrok in Denver on June 5th: