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Creative Real Estate Podcast

Dec 25, 2017

From the land of cotton, cows and prairies of Lubbock Texas... Joe Fairless created his success through perseverance. When Joe graduated from college in 2005 from Texas Tech, he immediately moved to the big city of New York where he quickly became the youngest Vice President of a advertising agency.

While he was grinding through the corporate ladder and nannying on the weekends, he was looking into buying properties and bought his first house in 2009. As his experience with real estate investing grew, so did his creative side of investing.

From being a weekend nanny, to owning 230 million dollars worth of apartment communities.

Joe says “Fulfillment = growth + contribution” He wanted something more and was incredibly determined to achieve it. The best Real Estate Investing advice ever show

Topics discussed:

  1. Corporate Grind
  2. Aparment Investing
  3. Fulfillment

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