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Creative Real Estate Podcast

Dec 18, 2017

This week, Bryan Ellis speaks on real estate, crypto-currencies, and private companies as investments. Bryan discusses his views on how to get your self directed funds into more lucrative investment vehicles over wall street.

Bryan’s passion has led to the creation of a site called as well as a podcast called “Self Directed Investor Talk”. Their mission is to help people understand how to get their investments out of wall street and into assets they actually understand and control.

For the majority, it’s real estate. However, his team also educates on investing in private companies, crypto-currencies, and several other asset classes.

Regardless if it’s an IRA or 401k, Bryan and his team provide a wealth of knowledge and education on how to properly self direct your investments.

Topics discussed:

  1. Self Directed IRA's
  2. Crypto-Currencies
  3. Real Estate investing
  4. Captial Gains Taxes

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