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Creative Real Estate Podcast

Nov 30, 2017

Vacant or abandoned properties can represent a huge amount of value to real estate portfolios. However, it is a serious struggle to find and contact these absent owners.

If they have skipped town, you won’t be able to reach them using traditional marketing methods

It’s time to change your approach!

In today’s episode of The Creative Real Estate Podcast, Larry Higgins presents his method of High Volume Skip Tracing, which allows you a convenient and accelerated way to find people fast.

Like so many other investors that have used direct mail to contact owners, Larry found himself with a huge stack of returned mail from his mail campaigns But instead of throwing it away, he decided to find a way to contact these potential clients.

By learning how to become his own skip tracer and discovering how to reach high volumes of people in a cost-effective manner, Larry is able to identify great deals that are flying under every other investor’s radar.

The system works so well, his business no longer bothers with mail campaigns and relies strictly on skip tracing lists.

The bottom line is Larry is getting more deals and more profitable deals in far less time.

Resources mentioned in this episode: