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Creative Real Estate Podcast

Mar 23, 2022

It’s challenging to buy decent rental properties worth $25k-100k nowadays, but there is still a way to get into real estate. Tyler Elick discusses syndications as a way to start investing. Stay tuned and find out the basic process to get into syndications and the key metrics to look out for good deals!

Episode notes:

  • Passive investment options for people with $25k - 100k
  • What happens when a sponsor chooses to sell?
  • Steps for investing in syndications
  • Key metrics to check when investing in a syndication
  • Real estate trend predictions for the coming year

About Tyler Elick

Tyler Elick has been in real estate development with more than a billion and a half worth of real estate in place in constructed value for larger corporations such as Forest City Realty Trust, NexMetro Communities, and others. On the side, Tyler also invests in sponsors, which is how he got into the investment side of real estate. He also syndicated some small investments, including some low-high mixed-use buildings, trailer parks, and multifamily in Brickwell with a couple of other partners. Their focus is on ESG driven assets where they find value and create further value through improving resource management, utility expenses, operations, and maximizing investor returns.

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