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Creative Real Estate Podcast

Mar 16, 2022

Is coliving a wise investment in real estate? With Johnny Wolff in the house, we will talk about turning coliving into a business, coliving benefits, and why it's a fantastic way to diversify your portfolio. Stay tuned!

Episode notes:

  • The benefits of coliving
  • How to scale a coliving business
  • The impacts of coliving in a neighborhood
  • Coliving vs. single-family revenue stability and maintenance
  • How to get a good balance of rental properties

About Johnny Wolff

Johnny Wolff is the CEO and Founder of HomeRoom Coliving – one of the fastest-growing coliving companies in the United States. After starting his career as a financial analyst in Silicon Valley (EA, SanDisk, Guidespark), he relocated to Austin, Texas, to pursue full-time real estate investing. His love for real estate investing and living with roommates motivated him to start HomeRoom in 2017, after an unusually terrible Craigslist roommate experience. In 2020, HomeRoom boasted 99% on-time rent payments, full occupancy, and zero evictions. Sales velocity for HomeRoom is up 300% in 2021, with hundreds of happy residents across 23 cities in 3 states. Powered by investor funds, HomeRoom recently expanded to Dallas and Austin, Texas. Johnny still lives in one of the HomeRoom’s first coliving houses in Kansas City and enjoys hanging out and surviving the pandemic with his awesome roommates - especially on chicken wing Thursdays.

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