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Creative Real Estate Podcast

Mar 9, 2022

Have you recently given your property insurance a thorough check? In this episode, Ben Cohen will share tips to ensure you get the proper coverage. You'll learn how to get insured an LLC-titled property, what to ask when getting it covered, and much more so tune in now!

Episode notes:

  • How to ensure the property is not underinsured or overinsured
  • Why do you need to match the insurer's name in the policy and LLC-titled property?
  • How important is the geographic location of the property?
  • Creative ways to get the most out of your insurance
  • From an insurance standpoint, is it possible that things in real estate might get more expensive? 

About Ben Cohen

Ben Cohen helps families and businesses identify and efficiently transfer their risks. Ben’s expertise is in personal insurance products and solutions, specifically auto, home, life, disability, and long-term care. Ben is a producer/partner at Brush Creek Partners (BCP). His division at BCP increases personal coverage for clients by identifying and filling gaps in policies. They have dozens of insurance companies to choose from and they specialize in finding clients' value of fishing with a lot of lines in the water. Insurance is what Ben knows and what he loves. He is a resource for clients and centers of influence who chose to outsource their risk management to an experienced, trustworthy, and resourceful broker.


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