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Creative Real Estate Podcast

Jun 30, 2020

Mark Podolsky is THE land geek. This guy started off in 2000 as an unhappy, stressed out investment banker.

Through mergers and acquisitions with private equity groups, he was exhausted!

He hated it so much that he dreaded Friday because he knew that the weekend would go by way too quickly.

Mark was introduced to a guy...

Jun 29, 2020

Episode Summary

'Lazy investor' Corey Peterson has unconventional thinking when it comes to investing. 'Its not about working hard, its about working smart' - this is his motto, something that he is the living embodiment of.

Corey didn't just get into real estate for the money, he got in so he can live the lifestyle of...

Jun 28, 2020

Jillian wasn’t happy with where her current business was going. She was tired of it and decided to get back into law school.

However, she KNEW she didn’t want to be a regular lawyer. She knew that their had to be better way. So she started off doing condo conversions and realized there was a whole new world...

Jun 27, 2020

Ryan Gibson started Spartan Capital about 3.5 years ago.

His very first deal was when he was a pilot. He realized there was a need for pilots to have a short term place to stay!

Ryan got creative and solved this issue with his investment properties.

That was only the beginning! Join us today to hear more about Ryan’s...

Jun 26, 2020

In this episode you'll learn:

  • How to find your next mentor?
  • Why finding a mentor is valuable
  • Focusing your efforts on getting someone to aid you to accelerate your business is the best you can do for yourself as someone who is interested in bettering yourself.
  • How to identify the right mentor for your business
  • Getting...